Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Crazy cats in da house...

Since more than 10 yrs. we have cats. Whoopie (pic 1) and Don (pic 2) are brother and sister and we picked them up at an animal shelter near the place where we lived at this time... Carlos (pic 3) we "found" during a trip to Spain where we visited my in-laws. We spotted him at the harbour area of Vinaros between the rocks... and it seems that we took the devil himself....




Carlos likes to do crazy things... such as jumping into the bathtub when it is nearly empty.... but enough water left for him to have some fun.

If you are not familiar with cats: this is TOTALLY CRAZY, because cats fear water like the devil the holy water....

After he dried his pelage, he sometimes feels like he should have some more fun... in this case he enjoys himself with the red grouse (which is a stuffed animal)

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