Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cuban Torcedora at Portmann's in Kreuzlingen

On Friday, 05/14 and Saturday, 05/15 the cuban torcedora Virgin Luz Gonzalez will be at Portmann's shop and people'll have the possibility to get fresh custom rolled cigars.

Virgin Luz Gonzalez has been there also last year in October, at this time I asked her to roll me a Lancero-sized cigar with a strong blend.... Normally the rollers make Robustos, sometimes customers want something special (the bigger the better), so she was very surprised that I wanted a thin ring gauge...

I'll be definetly there on Saturday, a guy from Canada'll be also there, he's in Switzerland at this time.... maybe a chance to meet with some other people...


  1. I wanna be there too... I WANNA BE THERE!!!! *cry*

  2. I will be there on Friday ;-)
    btw - nice vintage sticks