Sunday, February 20, 2011

02/18 - Road trip to the pharmacy

On Friday it was again time for another pharmacy smoke... and we took the chance to drive to Woerrstadt to meet our friends and have a good time...

I met with Marcel in Kreuzlingen and we hit the road around 8 am after we picked up some stuff for breakfast that we should've later...

I fired up my first cigar of the day, a Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No. 1 from the 70s.. oh wow... what a way to start a day...

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RyJ Cedros de Luxe No. 1 from the 70s

While driving through the Black Forest to our first destination Ribeauville we made a stop to prepare the stuff we bought and to have some breakfast: rolls with fresh ground pork and chopped onion, which I prepared the evening before.

Fresh ground pork with chopped onions

Perfect breakfast and a good base for another RyJ... this time a '94 Celestiales Finos... wrapped in some yellow cello...

RyJ CF from ´94

After a diverting trip we reached the nice village of Ribeauville around 11 am and walked straight to Distillery Metté ( where we planned to taste some interesting spirits...

Distillery Metté

In the tasting room we're greeted very friendly and the guy there started to bring us the spirits we chose from the list of available spirits they´ve for their guests to taste. Woodruff, huckleberry, morello cherry, Williams pear, melon... and some more that I don't remember anymore... It seems there's nothin that they didn't try to make a spirit of... a creative bunch of guys... things like ginger, chili, saffron or garlic sound not like ordinary stuff.

 A part of our range that we tried

 A view in the tasting room

Presenting the bottles

Special bottling with unique packing

Special bottling with unique packing

Time flew by and after all that tasting we needed something to eat for lunch. I checked out a typical Alsace restaurant before and it's just around the corner from Metté.. easy to find for us after a 2 minute walk throught the small side-streets of Ribeauville. So we arrived at "Caveau de l´Ami Fritz" and were really surprised when we stepped inside... very cool location, a place where you could feel comfortable...

Caveau de l´Ami Fritz

Nice location

Two beers for us and something traditional from this region: Tarte Flambée. Mine was with a cheese from this region... very filling and tasty...

Tarte Flambée

I thought of takin some Foie Gras with me cuz we saw many places, when we walked through the streets, who seemed to have it... unfortunately all those shops were closed now and it would take another hour until they'd re-open... so we continued our travel and planned to make a stop in another village to do our shopping. It wasn't as easy as we thought before but in the end we found a place which is specialiced on Foie Gras... some kinda fortune.

Yeah... Foie Gras!!

After picking up the Foie Gras we looked out for a Patisserie to grab something sweet for Marcel... time for me to open a bottle of Delirium Tremens... went well with the LGC MdO No. 1 from '97 which I smoked at this time...

Quick stop in Strasbourg

Delirium Tremens and LGC MdO No. 1 from '97

Now we continued our trip... destination Adler Apotheke in Woerrstadt where we arrived at 6.15 pm, warm heartly welcomed by Andreas, our favorite pharmacist...

Looks like some fun...

Andreas' sexy wades

I don't wanna waste a lot of words now, I guess the pix will show you the fun we had...

Flying Dirk

Flying Bernd

Flying Vitaliy

Hey, I'm "Little Longnose"

Dick & Durstig Reloaded

A special thx goes to Camillo and Chris who brought the pulled pork (after preparin it 16 hours on the grill) with them which was absolutely tasty...


Pulled Pork

Last but not least... one of the ashtrays that we filled at this evening...

Nice ashtray

After a few hours of sleep we met again for breakfast and we left then around 10 am back to Switzerland. It was a really great event, I especially enjoyed the roadtrip we made...

Time to say good-bye

Time to say good-bye


  1. Super Runde Burschen! Sieht nach viel Spass aus.. Ich hätte Vieles gegeben das Fleisch von Caruso zu kosten *heul*

    lg Max

  2. Das nächste mal :) (hoffe ich).

    Has been an absolute phantastic Friday evening (again). I surely note down the details on Metté...

  3. Es war klasse wie immer, freue mich aufs nächste mal mit euch.