Friday, February 11, 2011

02/10 - Pre-birthday party at the Cubaclub

Due to his birthday on Saturday Marc invited Tanja and me to join him and some more guys at the Cubaclub in Vaduz for some kinda pre-birthday party... in the end it was a very pleasant evening with a lot of of fun... thx to Ralf for all those jokes... hahaha

Normally it's not usual to unwrap the gifts BEFORE the birthday, but for some of the guys Marc made an exception.... and it seems that this year is "the year of the shirt"... The following shirt has its own story and it's a running gag beyond his friends.... and I guess he'll get some more shirts...

I enjoyed a club sandwich, had some good red wine and Marc also gifted some cigars to smoke... Partagas Serie P No. 2 and Romeo y Julieta Dukes... both were really good... the Bolivar Lonsdale from '99 which I had before was a blast also...

Marc... thx for inviting us, another nice evening.... the only pity is: I can only remember a few of all the jokes Ralf told us... hahaha

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