Saturday, April 30, 2011

Torcedora at Portmann´s

The Cuban torcedora Ana Isel Mederos Cano is on her tour through Switzerland and of course she also makes a stop at Portmann's shops in Vaduz, Kreuzlingen and St. Gallen.

She's the one who rolled nothin else than BHK 56 during the last year..

I took the chance to meet her on Wednesday in Vaduz where we spent a nice evening at the local Cubaclub.

She was still in the shop when I arrived and so I got a fresh one directly from her table....

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Ana Isel Mederos Cano from El Laguito

Marc also got a new product which is now on the Swiss Market: a little humidor filled with 15 Cohiba Siglo VI Tubo... I don´t know the exact price but heard that it´s priced fair.

Special Humidor with 15 Cohiba Siglo VI

Around 6 pm all the stuff was moved upstairs to the local Cubaclub where she again started to roll some more sticks for the people... another nice evening with people I haven't seen for a while...

Ana Isel Mederos Cano from El Laguito

On Friday I met her again in Kreuzlingen, the same day when Urs and Norbert made their presentation about their trip to the Festival.... bringin some interesting news and good cigars with them...

Ana was busy rolling cigars when I arrived at Kreuzlingen in the afternoon but it was still possible to tell her that I want something different than the "fatties" most people order... so I got something like a "Double Lonsdale"... really good...

Later we moved to the Lounge where Norbert and Urs held their presentation with a lot of information about their trip to Cuba in February where they'd also been at the Festival... very nice pictures and of course a lot of information...

A very relaxing evening and a good start for the weekend...


  1. Do you have a closer shot of the black tubo from her table?

  2. Yes, I do... have some of those here... gimme your email address and I´ll send you a pic.