Thursday, July 14, 2011

07/10 - Time to say good-bye

Sunday morning... the sun's shining.... last day of our Herf.... traditionally we go to the Seerhein in Konstanz to have some brunch... smoke some more cigars and drive or fly home...

So we did again this year... most of the faces were less red than the evening before but there were definetly some burnt spots... you shouldn't underestimate the intensity of the sun in the mountains...

River Rhein and Konstanz

Brunch at the Seerhein

My choice of this morning was Ramon Allones Gladiator... a really nice cigar... with some typical RA aroma... that's the pity about many of this special releases... they have nothin to do with the typical thing of the brand... and the no. of those is risin inflationary.

Ramon Allones Gladiator, ER Andino B.P.E. 2010

In the end I wanna say "Thank you" to all of you who made this event a blast... we'd a lot of fun and it's always a pleasure to see you all.... I'm really happy about all those friendships...

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