Thursday, September 01, 2011

Davidoff Chateau Latour from 1985 - a sublime smoke

Cuban of the brands the people hunt for... especially the ones who like vintage cigars.

I was lucky enough to pick up three of those about two years back for a really decent price... I paid much less for three than the actual market price is for one nowadays. Of course I wasn't sure about storage conditions etc. but in this case it was not the time for any doubts. It was just take them and don't ask. So I stored them in my humidor for the last two years and took the chance to smoke one of them a few days back.

It was a mild summer evening... I sat outside on the balcony and was in the mood to smoke something special...

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Davidoff Chateau Latour from 1985

From the first puff I got a really impressing taste... it started with a big bang.... intensive flavors... cedar, intensive earthy notes and a strong tobacco taste... those are the best attributes to describe the first third of this cigar.

The earthy notes are also present during the second third.... added by some spicy aromas... fresh ground black pepper... a mix of exotical spices... but very creamy and smooth on the other hand...

The last third... the grand final... cedar, earth, tobacco, spices, leather.... a great mix of aromas which gives a very unique and fantastic taste...

The smoking time was app. 100 minutes with an always perfect draw... not too bad for a Corona sized cigar...


  1. Just looking at the pictures tells you that this is a special cigar. Glad to read that it pleased you so much out on the balcony Heiko. And you are lucky to have two left as well!

    We can dream about new production Cuban Davidoffs in the future, guess they would be super expencive, but would sell like icecream on a hot summer day anyway.


  2. Arild, fact is that there are a lot of Cuban Davidoffs in the warehouses in Basel, but they are still locked while the embargo is not lifted. When the embergo will be lifted one day, I'm sure they'll sellem... but the prices'll be skyrocketin fo sho...

  3. Great article, I love the pictures, high quality stuff! Looks like an impressive smoke, I love coming across rare gems like that, which isn't too often.

  4. Thx for the compliments regarding the pix... the smoke itself was absolutely impressive, that's for sure...