Sunday, March 25, 2012

03/23 - 03/24 - The replacement of the Non-smoker

It´s planned for a while and on Friday Josh and Dan arrived on their tour through Switzerland in Zurich, after visiting Ajay in London and several places in Geneva while spending there 2 days...

We met at the QN Lounge and finally there was the replacement of the non-smoker. It´s a running gag with Dan that I call him non-smoker because the last times he was here he always had some periods without any cigar in his hand... but this time Josh took his part and didn´t smoke for a while at this evening, so the new non-smoker was born... hahaha

We´d a really great evening there and enjoyed our time with good conversation until midnight.

This time Dan was smoking...

...but Josh replaced him as a non-smoker.

Some fingerfood

What´s that? Josh smoking?

On Saturday morning we met again around 9.30 am, this time at Portmann in Kreuzlingen. Kicking off the new day with a fantastic Robusto outta the Portmann 40th Anniversary jar... they developed really good in the last two years and I´m convinced that they´ll be great smokes with some more years of aging...

Around 11 am we moved to the lounge and due to the fact that Josh never tried some aged Belgium beer I brought some Chimay Bleue with me... Just from 2010 but it tasted great and was a perfect match with the cigars we smoked at this time.

A big thank you to Dan for giving us a Partagas Lusitanias 109 to smoke, a really rare and hard to find cigar because there have been just a handful of boxes made in the early 2000s.

Meeting at Portmann

Chimay Bleue 2010 - great start of the day

Enjoying it...

 Enjoying it too...

In the meantime Tom and Michael arrived and around 12 we moved over the border to the Seerhein, a restaurant which is directly located at the River Rhine where we met Ralf who completed our group. We´d an excellent Rib steak lunch there and enjoyed the sun while smoking some more sticks... and having a lot of fun...

Lunch is served

At the River Rhine, Lake Constance in the background


Back at Portmann we´d the chance to go downstairs and have a look at the storage... and Josh was really lucky to find a nice box of cigars... he smoked on of those old and crusty Punch and passed it around... definitely a great smoke...

Time flew by and around 10.30 pm we decided to quit... Josh and Dan had another hour drive back to Zurich... the time´ll be changed that night, so another hour of sleep´s missing and they´d to get up early in the morning to catch their flights home...

It was an awesome time and it was a great pleasure to meet you guys again... I´m looking forward to see you again here in Europe or in the States...

Josh smoking a nice stick

Crispy Tom

Cheers guys


  1. Lucky bastards all smoking :-)
    I really feel sorry for have missed this party.

    1. We'll make up for it in May.

  2. We'd a helluva time, Gino.... we really missed you....

  3. Great review of the weekend Heiko. I had a great time...I can't wait to do it again.

  4. It´s always a pleasure to meet you, Dan... can´t wait to do it again too...

  5. I am always jealous of the great things you guys do. You look very relaxed and happy.

  6. I'm just a big smile reading this and looking at the pictures, great meeting guys!