Thursday, October 31, 2013

10/21 - Business and cigars in Dubai

Sometimes I have the chance to combine a business trip with meeting fellow cigar smokers... like it happened this time with my recent trip to Dubai.

I left Switzerland with the overnight flight on Sunday evening after spending a fantastic day at the Bierlokal in Dornbirn and arrived at warm and sunny Dubai on Monday morning where I took a taxi directly to the hotel. Some refreshment, a good breakfast and then I started with my colleague for our important business meeting.

A long and tough day but finally with good results... and that's the most important thing...

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I planned to meet with Ahmed, a fellow blogger from Abu Dhabi who's running the site, and Munther, a fellow blogger from Bahrain who's running the site in the La Casa del Habano JBR. Unfortuantely Munther had to cancel his participation short-termed, so it was just Ahmed and me...

Cigarwise I started the evening with a Regional Edition: Ramon Allones for Grecia/Chiprus from 2011.... a very good smoke, as all the other RE's I had from this brand... Ahmed brought another Regional Edition cigar with him, the Por Larranaga Small Robusto which's been released for Italy... young but very tasty. Even though those are not my preferred size I really enjoyed the smoke...

A Partagas Coronas from 2005 and Serie du Connoisseur No. 3 from 1996 were also good smokes which accompanied a great evening...

It was a pleasure to meet Ahmed (and also a pity to miss Munther) but I am sure that we can meet in the future... I'm looking forward to it...

La Casa del Habano JBR, Dubai

Ramon Allones ER Grecia Chiprus 2011

A tasty non-alcoholic cocktail

Por Larranaga Small Robusto, RE from Italy courtesy of Ahmed

Ahmed and myself with the Montecristo humidor from the Festival auction

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