Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A visit to... Bowmore

Bowmore. The little village where we stayed during our time on Islay. A very nice place with a distillery making a whisky I really love. The weather during this day was picture perfect. In the morning we made a (very) short visit to Caol Ila (there'll be a separate report about this distillery), after that we enjoyed a walk through Bowmore before I started my Craftmans Tour at the distillery.

The Craftmans Tour is a private tour, just you and the tour guide. The answer to my question: "How long will the tour take?" was very simple: "As long as it takes!".

I think the pix speak on their own, this tour was simply great... my tour guide (sorry that I forgot her name) did an excellent job and after approx. 2.5 hours we arrived in Warehouse No. 1 for a really exclusive tasting... first of all a big dram of new spirit, pure and diluted with water... it was tasty.. and interesting to see the influence on the taste when you added some water... after that I got two cask samples.... a 1996 Bourbon and a 1995 Oloroso Sherry... both really great!

Another highlight was the fact that I could take a smell of a cask which has been emptied not long ago... a Sherriff Bowmore from the 60s... what a smell... felt like being in heaven...

After a tour which was more than 3 hours in total I arrived again in the tasting room where I could try the whole Bowmore range... I tried most of the ones which they had, knowing that the way home was just a few minutes to the Bowmore House... 12 yo., 15 yo., 17 yo., 18yo. 25 yo. and Springtide... those are the ones I had in my glass during my time in the tasting room...

If you will ever be at Bowmore distillery you should think about taking this tour, it's really worth the extra price...

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