Monday, March 31, 2014

A Robaina and some craft beer...

One my way back from another trip I made a stop at the Brew Moon Cafe in Amberley. This place is not only a cafe, they also brew their own beer. A good chance to try their range with a tasting panel of 4 beers which I paired with one of those fantastic Vegas Robaina Familiares from 1998.

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Those were the beers I had:
  • Hophead IPA
  • Amberley Pale Ale
  • Broomfield Brown Ale
  • Dark Side of the Moon Stout

I had the IPA and the Pale Ale with the first third of the cigar, the Brown Ale with the second and the Stout with the last… for me it was perfect and they all fit well to those parts of the cigar… here are my impressions.

The Hophead IPA has a fresh lemony and grassy aroma with some hints of earthiness. A good portion of citrus flavors paired with a perfect balance of bitterness.

The cigar starts already with full power from the very first puff. Intensive woody notes, some leather paired with some floral flavors… a very good interaction with the citrus and hops oft he IPA.

The Amberley Pale Ale is a bit sweeter, malt, caramel and some spices in combination with citrus, grapefruit and the bitterness of the hops.

Also this beer gives a good balance to the cigar, the citrus and the sweetness in combination with the woody and leathery flavors build up a very complex aroma… the cigar start to mellow down, the flavors turn more to floral aromas with a decent hint of spices…

Broomfield Brown Ale mellows down also the beer side… aromas of chocolate and almonds with some kind of plummy fruityness… it ends with a decent bitterness…

The cigar is still very floral, very intensive… after a while aromas of roasted coffee join, some cedar wood is coming up in the mix… a very complex combination of beer and cigar… very tasty…

At the end oft he second third the intensive woody flavors that I had in the beginning come back. It's also getting stronger, earthiness is very intensive now… it seems like the roasted coffee from the beer jumped over to the cigar, giving it a pleasant and decent bitterness…

Let's see if the Dark Side of the Moon Stout can compensate those aromas… and guess what: it can! Chocolate, coffee, hints of plums, vanilla and lemon. Sweetness of dark toffee and some burnt malt buffers first the intensive aromas of the cigar and ends up in line with the smoke with a dry, creamy and bitter finish…

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