Sunday, November 09, 2014

11/05 - Whisky and... goose

The last regulars' table of the SSMC of the year 2014 and it ended with another great evening. Goose, red cabbage and dumplings to eat... a lot of good whiskys to drink.

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Goose drumstick, red cabbage and dumplings

Whisky Cremé Brûlée with grain icecream

I was really impressed by a 23 yo Imperial of the OTL series from Jack Wieber. On the other hand it's no big surprise as I never had a bad bottling from him.

Imperial 23yo. OTL by Jack Wiebers

I brought 2 Bunnahabhains with me, the 18 yo. and the Darach Ur, one which was stured in fresh oak casks. Both are not intensive and overpowering, due to this they matched very well with the delicious food.

Bunnahabhain 18yo. and Darach Ur

Another guy brought 2 Glenfarclas, 15 and 21 yo., also interesting to compare them. Two Tobermory were on the table  too, another interesting comparison.

With the year coming to its end, I can definitely say that I had sime really good whiskys in the glass with one highlight still being ahead of me in December. It's planned to join with two friends for dinner and a Bruichladdich Vertical Tasting afterwards... be sure that we'll have some old stuff...

Scotch Single Malt Circle

Another Bunnahabhain...

Too many glasses...

Chef Manfred joined us too... no cooking today...


Bottles everywhere...


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    1. Hi John,
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