Wednesday, February 04, 2015

01/28 - Titanic Sancho Panza

The first smoke of our tasting group in 2015 and it's a Sancho Panza evening... unfortunately one had to cancel his participation, exactly the one who wanted to bring a Sancho Panza Sanchos to start with. But we sticked to the topic anyhow and smoked a Belicosos out of a 50ct cabinet, boxcode OSU 2001. Sancho Panza, definitely one of the underrated brands, a lot of people don't take care about this - in my opinion - fantastic cigars. I will not go into the details which you can read on but let me just give you a brief summary of the Belicosos we smoked. It was another example of a great vintage cigar, even though it was just 13 years old. It's the typical characteristics of the brand, the pronounced saltiness but there's also a good portion of vintage flavor... the flavor I'm always looking for and that I really like. Perfect draw (I cut it luckily not too much), a perfect burn, an amazing taste. What else to ask for?

BTW: I seem to be in some kinda Sancho Panza mood lately... I picked up two boxes of Sanchos from 1998 a few weeks ago, enjoyed some fantastic Molinos (from 1997 if I recall it correctly) and now we had this awesome tasting...

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As the Belicosos was a shorter smoke than originally planned - it lasted approx. 1.5 hours anyhow - we had another Sancho Panza after it... a Bachilleres from 1999. The flavor profile was very close to the Belicosos even though it's much more intensive because of the speficic size. Additionally I brought some of the Bowmore infused Bratwurst that I've smoked a few days back to share them with the guys. The taste of the whisky was very pleasant, some didn't really realize that it's whisky, maybe it's a bit hard to find it out if you have no comparison... but the most important thing was that everybody liked the taste... and the added the flavor profile of the Sancho Panza with a decent smokiness and a touch of salt. Next time I'll make some with Laphroaig, this should leave a more intensive taste in it...

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