Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 in pictures

It's time to sum up another year with some nice pictures... many good memories are connected to those. As always it's really hard to reduce all the pix of one month down to one... a click on the picture'll bring you to the corresponding report...

  • January
 January 2015
The answer is 42

  • February
 February 2015
Green lights in the sky

  • March
 March 2015
Whisky and... ribeye steak

  • April
 April 2015
Tour de Belgium, Part 1 of 3

  • May
 May 2015
Glenfarclas Whisky Dinner

  • June
 June 2015
Waldhaus Reloaded

  • July
 July 2015
The Three Amigos

  • August
 August 2015
Swiss craft beer and cigars

  • September
 September 2015
Tubos of the Titans

  • October
 October 2015
Habanos Verde

  • November
 November 2015
The long Longrow row

  • December
 Dezember 2015
Single Malt infused Brats

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