Saturday, February 20, 2010

02/19 - 02/20 - The call of the pharmacist

Andreas calls the smokers for his emergency duty every 13 days... and if it's on a Friday it's a good situation to follow his invitation... and so did we.

We (Ralf, Marcel and myself) met at Portmann's shop at 11 am and I started the day with a '09 RyJ Cazadores and an Espresso.... during picking up a box of '99 ERdM Elegantes.

After I quick lunch at a local Chinese restaurant hit the road to head to Woerrstadt where we arrived around 6 pm (after a side trip to Darmstadt where we had to grab a package at a local package station --> thx to stupid German post service). During the drive Marcel and I had the privilege to sit on the back seat and we drank a bottle of Porto Cruz Vintage 1989 and smoked a Hoyo de Monterrey Particulares which was another perfect match. Ralf was a bit envious because he could only take a little sip of the really delicious port wine.

We checked in at Fritz Carlton aka "Cafe Fritz" and then went over the street to the pharmacy where some of the guys already waited with the first cigars burning.

As every time before we had all different kind of foods there.... horse burgers, cheese, different kind of bread, home made tortilla, tiramisu, Swiss chocolate etc. and not to forget the many bottles of wine and booze....

It was really a big pleasure to meet all the guys which I only see now for special occasions.... it's always fun and you feel like you've seen the last time the day before...

I guess it needs not much words to express what happened at the pharmacy, everybody who's been there before knows how it works... see some pix to get an impression:

At 4.30 am Andreas who was still on duty was too tired to stay any longer and so he asked Marcel and me kindly to leave the location that he take a little nap....

We went to bed at 5 am, couldn´t really fall asleep and after 4 hrs. and a quick shower we went to the Irish pub for brunch... Day started with a coffee and a '84 Montecristo Especial... to make it a bit healthy there was an orange juice...

It was nice that Andreas found the time to join us too... thx again for being a great host, it's always a big pleasure to be your guest.

Rolls, ham, cheese, srambled eggs and other stuff for breakfast and some more cigars followed before we again jumped to our car to drive back to Switzerland. I arrived at home at 4.30 pm, with two days full of fun and good company behind me.

Cya all in Wiesbaden for the 10th anniversary celebration of the CCC (Cigar Cult Club Wiesbaden/Mainz) end of March.