Friday, February 26, 2010

02/25 - The Bourbon Experiment

Some time ago I received a little package from Jeremy who send me some Tequila to try....

He knows that I'm a big Bourbon fan (that's very ironic) and so he added a half bottle of Woodford Distillers Reserve... for those who don't know: I usually drink Scotch Single Malt only, I've a certain aversion for Bourbon.

But in this case I've to try it and here are my impressions:

Nose: Sweetness of honey, very bloomy, intensive vanilla aroma, some alcohol in the background

Taste: Not as sweet as the smell (positive for me in this case), a mix of vanilla and spices, very fruity, caramell and Crème brûlée, oak wood

Aftertaste: Oak wood and a mix of spices, no sweetness

Woodford Distillers Reserve

I was surprised about this Bourbon, it tasted not too bad at all. After the Pappy van Winckle 20 yo that I tried a few months ago, this is the second Bourbon which I didn't dislike.

About the Pappy I said: good stuff, I like it.

I guess I have to say the same about the Woodford. I still prefer the Scottish ones, but those Bourbons are really worth a try...