Sunday, March 28, 2010

03/27 - Big Smoke at Castle Vollrads in Oestrich

The local cigar club of Mainz and Wiesbaden, called "CCC - Cigar Cult Club" celebrated his 10th anniversary after the club has been founded on 03/11/2000, a good occasion for Marcel and me to head out to Wiesbaden.

Due to some changes in the philosophy of the club only one of the founders is left, but nevertheless there are many people who are members and friends since many years.

Several companies (Dannemann, Rauchkultur Seiler, Zigarren-Zirkel Bergstrasse, Autohaus Fuhrmeister, 5th Avenue, Havana Club etc.) supported this event with different stuff and altogether it was a big fat party.

But before we headed to the location where the big celebration should be held we went to the city of Wiesbaden and met with some fellow smokers, attended by some really good pizza...

After the first cigars (awesome '01 ERdM Gran Corona) had been burnt down we drove to the hotel to get ready for the evening....

For the greeting a Riesling sparkling wine was served at the bar area and CCC's president welcomed the guests. After the short "opening ceremony" first aperos were handed out.... shrimps, gratinated oysters, little pieces of chicken breast etc.

These little appetizers were followed by loads of excellent food, see some examples of what we had on our plates during the next time... Cuban/Caribbean buffet at its best! Thanks to the cuisine of Castle Vollrads.

Of course we also had the pleasure to enjoy some good cigars (Partagas Habaneros, Upmann Magnum 50 --> I passed on the Dannemann´s)

...and also some really good cocktails.... big compliment to the crew at the bar... One new created drink blew the mind of many people... it called Cantinero (please forgive any misspelling) and consists of some Agave syrup, the juice of one lime, pour some Havana Club 7 anos in it (the glass is min. half filled now) and drop ice cubes into the glass up to the brim. Fill it now completely with bitter lemon and ENJOY... maybe with a '98 Diplomaticos No. 1....

'98 Diplomaticos No. 1

The room was filled with 75 cigar smokers, many people I know from several events and it was really a big pleasure to meet them and have some nice conversation.

An evening with many highlights and occasionally Gabriel spread some more information about the history of the club. Members of other clubs handed out some presents and also the members of the Cigar Cult Club got a special present (more informations about this specialty will follow in a later report).... Sorry that I've not made pix of every lil detail.

My personal "cigar-wise" highlight was the smoke of a cellophaned Cohiba Lancero from 1987. I just can say "WOW" about the flavors and the pleasure I'd while smoking this cigar. A really great smoke, I guess it was worth to smoke it at this evening.

'87 Cohiba Lancero

While I smoked this fantastic cigar I was asked if I wanna take a puff of a brandnew Lancero sized Don Pepin Garcia cigar (it was the guy who'll import them for Germany) and tell what I think about it.... It's really hard to judge a DPG after smoking a 23 yo. Cohiba for about 90 mins. with still having a rest left.... It ended in a friendly explanation that I dislike the taste, didn't want to go into details too much....

But every nice party comes to its end and so Marcel, Turner and myself returned after a 20 minutes walk back to our hotel at 4.30 am...

We took a nap of app. 3.5 hours and met later in Frankfurt with some of the crew for a brunch.

In the end I wanna say "Thank you": Thank you to all the people who made this event to a great, memorable event that will last in my mind for a long time....

The party is over, but the memory remains....

Thursday, March 18, 2010


It seems like it is en vogue to hit the market with a ceramic jar....

It started last year with the Upmann Jar, which was a limited release for Germany and Switzerland... others are planned like the Partagas P1, the LGC hit the market at this year's festival.

A special jar was released this year too (and to be honest: quality is much better than all the other jars)... it's the Portmann 40th Anniversary Jar... limited release of 200 jars filled with 25 Custom Rolled Robustos. 40 years in business.... longer than I'm on this earth...

I got my personal one a while ago and it is deep in my cabinett to rest for a long time period. But happily I had some single cigars, one has been smoked and reviewed lately...

Review of the Portmann 40th Anniversary Robusto:

Light colorado colored wrapper, matt and good rolled. A bit wet imho, I likem more on the dry side....
The cold smell is leather, cedar and tobacco... surprisingly no ammonia....
The first third starts with an intensive cedar note, added by some cinnamon and dark roasted coffee... it's hard at the limit to get bitter, but always staying good.
The second third gets really strong: tar (like a heavy peated Whisky) and leather... seems to be a men's cigar.
The last third brings back the dark roasted coffee beans, joined by some dark chocolate. Tannic and earthy aromas coming up.
Smoking time was 90 minutes, had a very good smoke volume over the whole time... big'n'fat smoke....
I like this cigar, they will be great for sure after aging some years in the jar...

Friday, March 12, 2010

03/12 - Vertical Tequila Flight

Today I tasted the Tequilas that Jeremy sent me together with the Woodford which I reviewed a while ago....

All three samples are from Don Eduardo, I started with the Silver:

Description: Colorless, oily in the glass, triple distilled.
Nose: Mineral Stone, fresh Agave
Taste: Very oily, slight bitterness, alcohol is dominating, tasteless beside the alcohol
Aftertaste: Mouth warming, a bit salty

Sample No. 2 is the Reposado:

Description: Light gold in color, rested 6 months in American oak casks.
Nose: Sweet fruits, hints of solvent, Oak wood
Taste: Fruity, mix of spices, milled black pepper, Nutmeg, some floral notes in the background
Aftertaste: Long lasting spicyness

Now it´s time for Sample No. 3: Anejo:

Description: Gold colored, aged 2 years in Ex-Bourbon barrels.
Nose: Oak, Herbs, Nutmeg
Taste: Strong woody notes (the influence of the barrel is amazing in comparison to a Scotch Single Malt), hints of sweetness, Vanilla, herbs and spice in the background
Aftertaste: Oak wood, herbs, mouthdrying in the end

Let's sum it up: interesting experience but Tequila and myself won't be friends in future... Of these 3 I liked the last most....

Maybe I take it as a shot but not for pleasure like a Single Malt. The typical taste of the Algave is very dominant, leaves some kinda bitter taste in the mouth....

Monday, March 08, 2010

03/06 - Winter is back

After some days which gave us a spring time feeling, winter came back with his iron fist bringing a lot of snow in our region.

I was optimistic that the roads should be free of snow and so we made a trip to Samnaun with our friends from Germany who visited us at this weekend...

After some light traffic jams on the way (but heavy traffic jams in the other direction) we arrived in Samnaun at a height of app. 1'900 m / 6'230 ft... light snow fall and temperatures of -10 °C / 14 F.

At this time of the year all shops are open due to all the masses of skiers who are in this region and they all enjoy the duty free shoping experience...

So did we and some nice things for me landed in the shopping bags (including the Bruichladdich 12 yo. that I need for the tasting in April).

The way home was bit longer than planned, because we wanted to avoid the traffic jams but didn't take into account that many Alpine passes are closed due to the bad road conditions.

In the end we drove to the direction of St. Moritz, crossed the Alps by using the Julierpass where the street was free of snow and open.