Friday, March 12, 2010

03/12 - Vertical Tequila Flight

Today I tasted the Tequilas that Jeremy sent me together with the Woodford which I reviewed a while ago....

All three samples are from Don Eduardo, I started with the Silver:

Description: Colorless, oily in the glass, triple distilled.
Nose: Mineral Stone, fresh Agave
Taste: Very oily, slight bitterness, alcohol is dominating, tasteless beside the alcohol
Aftertaste: Mouth warming, a bit salty

Sample No. 2 is the Reposado:

Description: Light gold in color, rested 6 months in American oak casks.
Nose: Sweet fruits, hints of solvent, Oak wood
Taste: Fruity, mix of spices, milled black pepper, Nutmeg, some floral notes in the background
Aftertaste: Long lasting spicyness

Now it´s time for Sample No. 3: Anejo:

Description: Gold colored, aged 2 years in Ex-Bourbon barrels.
Nose: Oak, Herbs, Nutmeg
Taste: Strong woody notes (the influence of the barrel is amazing in comparison to a Scotch Single Malt), hints of sweetness, Vanilla, herbs and spice in the background
Aftertaste: Oak wood, herbs, mouthdrying in the end

Let's sum it up: interesting experience but Tequila and myself won't be friends in future... Of these 3 I liked the last most....

Maybe I take it as a shot but not for pleasure like a Single Malt. The typical taste of the Algave is very dominant, leaves some kinda bitter taste in the mouth....