Thursday, April 15, 2010

New York - The Big Apple

New York City was the last issue on our sight seeing schedule and on Thursday morning we made the ride to New Jersey where we entered the train to get directly to Ground Zero where the new One New World Trade Center will be erected. A gigantic construction site, hard to believe that the building should be finished in 2012.

For Rob it was hard to believe to see this place now without the two towers, when he'd been in NYC the last time they'd been there. Even for me who wasn't familiar with the area it was a very strange feeling to stand now at that place where the two planes crashed in. 09/11/2001 is a date I'll never forget, it was two days before we took the plane to the Maldives for our Honeymoon.

From Ground Zero it was a decent walk down to the water, the place where all the boats leave for a harbor round trip or directly to the Statue of Liberty.

Where to go?

When you enter the Battery Park which is in front of the waterside you come across a big deformed sculpture. It is called "The Sphere" and is a large metallic sculptur by the German sculptor Fritz Koenig. Originally located between the two towers it has been damaged and was dismantled into its components. Six months after the attacks it was relocated to Battery Park on a temporary basis—without any repairs—and formally rededicated with an eternal flame as a memorial to the victims of 9/11.

Battery Park

We continued our walk throught the Battery Park and saw the very long queue which was waiting to get on the boat which takes you to Ellis Island on which the Statue is located. Crazy... I guess it took you minimum 2 to 3 hours to get on the boat.... We figured out the day before that you have to buy your ticket in advance (and they were sold out) if you want to go up in the Statue, in this case I wasn't unhappy about that. We decided to make a harbor tour which led us along the Skyline down to Brooklyn Bridge, approaching in a big bow in front of the Statue of Liberty where we could take a lot of pictures. To be honest: the Miss was a really nice view but the Skyline which could be seen was maybe more impressing... for me.... it's definetly a big difference to this all on TV or even live....

Feeling really hungry when re-entering the park we decided to take a Cab which took us to Katz's Delicatessen in East Houston Street. We'd been told before that we HAVE TO GO there, and I'm happy we did.

Y'all remember the movie "Harry and Sally"? The legendary orgasm scene? It was at Katz's.

The place was really packed when we arrived there around 2 pm and it took us a while to get the legendary Pastrami.... Some kinda corned beef which has been prepared in a Smoker and is served between two slices of bread.

Another crazy Cab ride and after a while we a arrived at Central Park. Wow... the complete contrary to concrete and noise..... people lying around in the grass, enjoying the sun... another day with temperatures above 27 °C / 81 F.... trees, grass.... very unusual to have it in the middle of this pulsing metropole....

After walking and hanging around there we decided that it's time to get back to the station. And then we made the experience on our own that you can can find in many tourguides: Try to get a Cab after 4 pm! Now I can laugh about it, but it in this situation you're only f'd up if every Cab you see is occupied or "Off Duty".... 30 minutes after the first attempt we'd been among the lucky ones to get one, which took us to the next station from where we took the train back to the parking garage.

A nice day. 3 big cities in 4 days, all completly different but all very interesting.

I know that we only saw a small part of that what all 3 have to offer, but as I said before: those'll be revisited some time in the future....