Monday, April 12, 2010

Thank you

Before I start with some reports of our trip I wanna send out a BIG THANK YOU!

Thanks to
  • Rosanne and Bob who made us feel very comfortable everytime when we'd been over there in their house. Not to forget the rest of the family who also showed a big hospitality.

  • Missy and Eric, with whom we had a nice dinner on Friday night... a vegetarian at Famous Dave's.... that´s kinda funny.... Missy, thank you for taking care of Tanja and thx to Eric for spending another nice evening with Rob and me.
left to right: Missy, Rob, Eric

left to right: Heiko, Rob, Eric

  • Last but not least: many thanks to Rob who took off for the time when we'd been here, spent the days with us, was our tour guide in Philly, DC and NY.... it was a really great time that we had and I really appreciate your friendship.
 Rob, the tourguide

It were 10 days filled with many positive experiences, some really outstanding cigars (in respect to the people who showed a really big generosity I don't mention it here in public but the people know who I mean). We found an undescribable hospitality every time we came to anybody´s home, really nice gestures which are not a matter of course nowadays.