Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Washington D.C. - The planned city

Tuesday - 04/06/2010
  • The time schedule said: it's time for our trip to DC.
  • The weather forecast said: blue sky, sunny and temperatures up to 32 °C / 89 F.
Awesome if you remember that it is beginning of April.

Taking the highway to a park-and-ride parking lot and going to DC by Metro, entering the place at the National Mall. Simply impressing... turning the head to the one side you see the Capitol in the background, the opposite shows the Washington Monument. We started our tour in direction of the big Obelisc, which has an big influence on the architecture of the city. No building should be higher than the Monument, that´s the simple reason for the different cityscape of DC, not fixed by law but maybe some kinda unwritten law.

We wanted to try to make this day effective (and will come back for some day in the future to take more time for all these things) so we didn´t enter the long queue to go up in the monument and continiued our way to the direction of the Lincoln Memorial. On our way we passed the new WWII Memorial which has caused big discussions, but also fits in the big Master Plan of the National Mall and found now its acceptance by the people.

From this place our way led us along the Reflecting Pool to the really impressing Lincoln Memorial... climbing up the stairs and see Lincoln sitting on his chair... getting a great view over the Mall, getting a glimpse of all the geomtrical proportions of this place.

One thing which really surprised me when I walked through the columns was the noise inside. Big signs tell to be silent but all those people show the biggest disrespect as it seems to be the normal way nowadays. If they go to church it works but obviously not at other places....

The big statue itself is a real monument, a real piece of art.....

We took the way on the right hand side, there we came across the Korean War Veterans Memorial. In form of a triangle it shows in one part 19 stainless steel statues which represent a squad on patrol. A granit wall which is also part of this Memorial bears the inlay:" Freedom is not free". A simple but true message.

We walked on between the trees and arrived at the water where we saw on one hand the rest of Washingtons famous Cherry Blossoms and - in a little distance - the Jefferson Memorial.

Further on to the Smithsonian Institute, taking a Sandwich for lunch and then along the several museum (we'll come back to watch those for sure). We stepped in the "National Air and Space Museum" which helped us to cool down a bit and we could see Lindberghs plane, the Spirit of St. Louis.

But no time for long breaks and so we went up to the Capitol, well guarded by the US Capitol Police (it seems that the US has a police department for nearly everything).

The last item on our DC-To-Do-List was the White House and after a walk which seems to be endless we arrived there finally in the late afternoon.... It was more walking than we guessed in the beginning and you can definetly can only get a rough impression of DC in one day.... there is a lot to see and it'll take you for sure some days to go a bit deeper....

After a long and exhausting day we all three were happy when we sat in the car again to drive back to West Chester. Luckily Wednesday was planned to be off, so we could retire a bit and get some new energy for Thursday's trip to NYC.