Wednesday, May 05, 2010

05/04 - Pottery wedding

It's crazy.... time flies... 9 years... Pottery wedding....

It's traditional to make some pottery on this day or even to gift some pottery.... we've no use for pottery *LOL* no plants in the flat, because our cats like to "play" with it.... and you should know how it ends....

So we decided to omit the gifts and went out for a nice dinner to a restaurant we regularily visit ( We found it by accident when we'd been on a trip in August 2007 to the Northeast of Switzerland before we moved to this region.... and now we're happy that we found it.

A very nice dinner which should be finished at home with a good and special cigar. I took out a 1994. This cigar is from a special humidor, Gran Corona size, 502 humidors made on the whole, each consisting of 50 cigars.

A cigar for a special occasion.... the perfect choice for tonite.