Sunday, May 16, 2010

05/12 - Coming home from Parma & Smoke in Balgach

I met Marc, who is a friend of a guy whom I know from a cigar board, last year in November when we joined together Marc Portmann's Cuba night in a restaurant close to his shop. And some weeks ago Marc called me that he'll be in Europe again for business and that we've the chance to meet again.

I just came home at 4 pm from a trip from Parma, where I was for business.

Marc arrived at 5 pm and 1 hour later we took our seats at the Restaurant Bad Balgach which is located in the tiny, lil village where I live now since two years. Together with my wife and Marcel we spent a very nice time there.... Good dinner with delicious asparagus, perfect prepared meat, good wine.... and later: good cigars.