Monday, May 17, 2010

05/13 - St. Gallen, Seafood and some Whisky... and cigars....

Thursday morning, still rainy weather but with some little dry gaps between.... we took the chance to do some sight seeing in the beautiful city of St. Gallen, app. 30 minutes away from our home.

Marc is a big reader so I had the idea to visit the impressing and famous Stiftsbibliothek, which is the oldest library in Switzerland. Unfortunately it is forbidden, to take any photos there... after that we stepped in the big Cathedral of St. Gallen.

Then we took a walk through the old city, along the old part of the wall around the abbey where you still can see the prison cells (now for the Cantone police) which has been also used in the Middle Age.

Then we went on with our next aim, the Alhambra Bar with the cigar lounge, one of the few places in the city where you can smoke inside.

The place upstairs is called "Habanos Cigar Lounge", but: Marc and myself where the only cigar smokers. When we stayed there it filled more and more with cigarette and Shisha smokers.... young folks.... no place where I have to go on a regular basis.

We arrived at home at around 6 pm, in the meantime Tanja had prepared some nice stuff to put on the grill which was in detail:
  • Prawns with a chilli lemon marinade
  • Pangasius filet with provencial marinade
  • Sepia with oil and garlic

After this really delicious dinner we settled down on the balcony to take our smokes.... and some Whisky.... in the end we enjoyed the evening until 2.30 am...