Tuesday, May 18, 2010

05/14 - Gigerwaldsee and Two Times Marc

Friday - the rain continued... and we took a ride to the Gigerwaldsee which is app. 60 km south from Balgach.

A big reservoir which is empty over the winter time and is starting to be refilled now. I'd been there last summer and knew what I'd to expect but the dam is always impressing.

The road along the reservoir to the end of the valley is very narrow and you can use it only once per hour for 20 minutes in each direction. At the end there is the lil secluded village, consisting of about 6 old houses which are only accessable from May to October.

There we took the chance to heat up (don't laugh but it's only 5 °C / 41 F) with a very good barley broth (and a beer) before we - after a small cigar - took the way to Marc Portmanns shop in Vaduz.

In the shop we'd some coffee, water and a Montecristo Grand Edmundo EL 2010, a cigar which is smokable right now but I guess it'll take a great development over the next years....

After some nice conversation we left the shop and hit the road again, Marc wanted to join us for dinner at our home. Tanja made some Greek and some asparagus salad, some home made Cevapcici (she prepared them while we'd been outta the house) and we also had some steaks to put on the grill.

Dinner was awesome, everybody was happy with the food, accompanied first by a redwine from Balgach and another Italian one that Marc (which one??) brought with him, when he arrived at Wednesday (ah, the Canadian Marc!).

The names... it makes it really tricky... two Marc's at one table.... and by the way: both with a "c" at the end...

Portmann Junior brought some good cigars with him for us.... a Partagas Series D Especial EL 2010, which is really a powerhouse and seems to have a lot of aging potential. The second cigar was a BHK 54, but before we had LGC MdO No. 2 from 1997 that Marc from Canada gifted. Tanja, who smokes normally no cigars, got a Hoyo du Maire and enjoyed also some puffs of my BHK 54 (and she liked it... very exclusive liking).

The perfect combination

The last pic is for Marc Portmann.... I hope you got the taste of Pepsi Wild Cherry outta your mouth.... but that's the consequence if you are too curious.... and for the rest: NO, I didn't drink the Wild Cherry stuff with the BHK... it's only for the pic, the can was Tanja's drink and not mine.