Wednesday, May 19, 2010

05/15 - Custom Rolled Cigars in Kreuzlingen

Waking up on Saturday morning after another nice evening and a short night.... and hearing the rain outside. Feelin like in Oktober, cold and wet.

We got up and made a visit to a local farmer where we picked up some stuff like cheese, salad, eggs etc. and enjoyed our breakfast after this little shopping trip.

Marc and I went to Kreuzlingen where a torcedora was rolling fresh cigars. We arrived there around midday, Marcel arrived there a few minutes before and after we sat down we had an Espresso, water and a Custom Rolled Lancero burning...

We spent a few hours in the shop, smokin very nice Customs (got one from Urs which he brought from Cuba) and due to the fact that it's crowded in the shop and Marc wanted to choose some nice boxes, we went downstairs to have a bit more quiet smoke.

It's always nice to be downstairs and have a look at some treasures.... some you see again and again... and from time to time there is always something new.

One box is there which I saw very often but didn't take pix of it: Partagas Suaves... old and crusty.... and not for sale.

During the Portmann's visit at the Festival in February, Urs received a nice gift from Hiroshi Robaina, the grandson of Alejandro who did a few weeks ago. A neat presentation in a wooden barrel... there should be more like this available for the normal folks....

Last Friday also the new Edicion Limitadas for 2010 arrived at the shop... a few boxes from the first release, everybody is eager for them and so I grabbed the Montecristo Grand Edmundos and the Partagas Series D Especial, one box of each... the best of those which were available right now.

I smoked both before, the Montecristo and the Partagas, and I'm convinced that both have definetly a really great potential.

In the late afternoon we settled over to the Lounge where we chilled and smoked for the rest of the day near to midnight... Marlene and Urs, and also Marc came from Vaduz, to join us there... having a bottle of Champagne and more good cigars. Urs gifted us a Diademas which has been rolled by Cueto.... a cigar with a very unique flavor.... very enjoyable....

I also had a Caney Delgados - thx to Marcel - which seems to be dated back to 1977. A machine made stick with a very characteristic citrus flavor... more than 30 years old and stoll full of flavor... simply amazing.

The next morning we'd our last breakfast together with Marc before he left in the direction of Geneva. We'd a very nice time!

Thx to him for visiting us, it was a pleasure.... and a BIG "Thank you" to my wife Tanja who'd a lot of work with taking care of us all the time, preparing the food and so on and so on....