Saturday, May 08, 2010

Bolivar Especiales No. 2 ER Germany 2009, Pre-Release

Nice, thin cigar.... going away from all this jaw-breaking nubs that we had the last time... Seems to be rolled perfect, not too hard, not too loose.

The wrapper is shiny and perfect... very smooth... colorado-colored. The odor is very earthy, gives the impression to be a bit more typical Bolivar than some others before.....

The first third comes along with a very intensive earthiness, added by some peaks of citrus... the smoke is very creamy, it starts well-balanced and pleasant but also showing that it'll be a power horse!

The second third gets stronger... also in the taste... wood, tobacco and the citrus are present... additional roasted flavor come up, reminding of nuts and coffee.....

The last third is dominated by earth, tobacco and some tannin. The cigar isn't harsh at all, but still shows it youth.

This cigar reminds me of my Bolivar Petit Corona from '98 that I have in my cabinett and which I like very much. The only negative effect that I had during the 2 hrs. lasting smoke was that the ash fell off very easy. So it landed sometimes on my desk not directly in the ashtray. The draw was perfect all the time.

Additional information (10/29/2010): The other ones that I smoked from my box which is regular production proved my impression which I had on this pre-release.