Sunday, May 23, 2010

El Rey del Mundo Torpedo ER Italy 2008

Colorado-colored, fine, matt wrapper, no pressing (it's out of the 50ct cabinett) and seemed to be rolled ok.

The cold cigar had this marca typical smell of flowers, very bloomy, but it is mixed with the smell of wet soil....

After lighting and cutting the torpedo shows a very slight draw, for luck not to slight, it was just at the limit.

The first third is a an interaction between sweet and bitter tastes, honey and tannin prevail reciprocal... attended by the floral, bloomy impressions that had been mentioned before. Tannin came up some time more, some less but it's always present and emphasizes the youth of the cigar.

The sweet tastes fade away in the second third, it's getting more distinctive, spices and herbs are the dominating flavors, but all the time well-balanced. A subtle woodiness is coming up.

The mentioned woodiness becomes more intense in the last third, leathery taste were added now and the cigar begins its final spurt. Impetuous, balls to the wall!.

The cigar produces all the time a fat and creamy smoke, you feel the youth because it is sometimes a bit harsh.

In my opinion this cigar has a good aging potential and I'm very curious how it will be in some years....