Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rare, old and crusty

From time to time I have the possibility to grab some cigars which are not available at every corner... and sometimes I take them....

Due to this I have some nice cigars in my cabinett which are not for every day but which are perfect if you have a special occasion to smoke them. I guess our 9th wedding anniversary would be a day to have something special.

Let's start with some Davidoff's... both from the 80s... A Château Mouton Rothschild on the left, a 5000 on the right hand side. I also have a few Château Latour (no pix here), two of them'll be smoked soon attended by a bottle of portwine from 1936.

The next cigars are some that I would really like to have more.... Dunhill. The cigars are a Varadero (Petit Corona size) and four Mojitos (Corona size). I smoked three Mojitos which were all mindblowing, only topped by the one Estupendo I had some time ago... but that is another league... also pricewise.

A bit easier to find than the original Dunhills are different cigars from the Dunhill Selection. They all have the standard band but with the additional "Dunhill" print on it.... I got a pack with a Montecristo No. 2, 3 and 4 from the late 70s. The smell of those cigars is still amazing and I can't wait to smoke them.

Another 5er of the Montecristo No. 2's is also in my cabinett, so it'll be a bit easier to take one of those... these are from 1979.

These pictures make me mouthwatering, makes me eager to light one of those up.... let's hope that they are not over the top... I have to say that until today I always had luck with old vintage cigars, none of them tasted expired, so I´m also positive about these.....