Monday, May 24, 2010

Whisky in the Jar

I had to change the title a bit in variance to the original , because I'm talking about Scotch Single Malt which is written without the additional "e" (the song's of Irish origin).

Some call it liquid gold... if you take a look at the prices for some of those bottles you have to agree...

Here I wanna show you two special Single Malts that I have here at home... as you can see, two bottles of each. This fact makes it easier to open the first bottle, because when you like it you still have another bottle left. And if you dislike it: you find a lot of potential buyers for this stuff on the market, and prices for those bottles are definetly crazy nowadays. But before anybody gets some hope: these bottles are NOT for sale.

Ardbeg "Lord of the Isles" - a name which makes many malt lovers mouthwatering eager to get a dram of it.

It's a spectacular 25 year old Ardbeg in a stunning packaging which includes a collectable scroll. The Lords of the Isles ruled the western isles of Scotland from the 12th to the 15th centuries and are now the eponym of this great Whisky.

Ardbeg Lord of the Isles

Nose: Very smoky but not especially peaty. Or let's put it this way: only the smoky component shines through. A little restrained with lots of ripe apple. Heavy peat arises after a while, together with some grassy, farmy notes.

Taste: Bold and rich with some tropical fruit and a load of peat and smoke. Very nice balance. This is pure Ardbeg. Some citrus notes come up...

Aftertaste: A very, very long finish.

The name is no empty promise, this Whisky is a true Lord of the Isles.

The 25 yo Bowmore has no spectacular name, it's just a 25 yo Whisky, matured in Bourbon and spanish Sherry casks which gave its unique taste to it.

Bowmores which have only been in Bourbon casks have the tendency to get a perfume-like note, reminding of lavender. Luckily no hint of this at the 25 yo, thanks to the Sherry casks which surely helped to avoid this taste.

Bowmore 25 yo

Nose: Rich, yet subtle, on dried fruit and tea. Tropical fruit (guava, passion fruit). The peat arrives after a while. Some pepper as well. Develops on strawberry jam, apricot, kiwi. Great nose!

Taste: Great balance between peat and fruit. Lots of acidic fruit notes (passion fruit). Quite spicy (cinnamon, clove) with some linseed oil.

Aftertaste: Very nice and long finish, spicey, peaty.

Without any doubts these two are really great Single Malts, I'm happy that I have them... and I'm sure there'll be plenty of opportunities to open the bottles and enjoy this nectar...

Slainthe Math!