Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trinidad Ingenios EL 2007

Open the box (BD 10/2007) and put your nose into it: dark chocolate, a very pleasent smell, smells not as young as "she" is...

The first impression when you take the cigar in your hand: very hard rolled, unfortunately confirmed by the first draws after lighting up. After app. 2 cm these problems disappeared and it burnt down with a perfect draw until the end.

I took a 21 yo. Caol Ila, bottled by the Scotch Single Malt Circle (54.7 %) which was a perfect companion. It emphasizes the malty and chocolate-like taste very gentle and complemented great with the woody taste during the second third.

At the end of the smoke the taste of chocolate came up again very impressively which made it hard to lay it to its last rest....

Great cigar which will go through a promising development in the coming years....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Toothless Three Lions

What a game.... and it's still the same like Gary Lineker said in 1990: "Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes, and at the end the Germans always win."

After the Swiss ended up in a tie on Friday and were outta the tournament, we concentrated on the German national team....

Of course it was a wrong decision by the referee not to give England the second goal, but to be honest: Germany was much better than England and the result was definitely ok!

Before the match the English press wrote about "German Warfare", "The Old Enemy" and stuff like that.... and were very convinced that they gonna beat Germany.

Now.. the press is shocked.... and puts shame on both.... the referee and the English Team!

(Source: guardian.co.uk)

(Source: thesun.co.uk)

(Source: fnp.de)

(Source: tagesanzeiger.ch)

The press and the people thought that they all saw it right, but the referee did a good job as you can see on these pic from Japan.....

Now the quarter final is Germany vs. Argentinia.... Let's hope that it ends up with the same result like 2006.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Davidoff No. 2 Tubo

Sometimes a cigar is more than just a cigar.... sometimes it tells you a story or it has some history.... like in this case.

Some time ago I did a little favor to a friend, his name is Leo (Leo, if you read this: Thx again!!). He sent me as a "Thank you" beside another great cigars one Davidoff No. 2 in the aluminium tube. I highly appreciate this generous gesture cuz it's a really hard to find cigar. This is Part I of the story of this cigar...

Going over to Part II. I talked to a friend about this cigar and he mentioned some doubts (he's in the tobacco business since many, many years) and he felt a bit unsure about a Davidoff from Cuba being in a tube...

Accidently there was an event hosted by Davidoff to introduce their new cigar line and so this was a good occasion to ask one of the Davidoff guys directly about the background of this cigar. I happened that I talked to Mr. Raymond Scheurer: the guy who worked 40 years for Davidoff, who worked with and learned from Zino Davidoff, who retired a few weeks ago.

So far it sounds not really special, like a story. I showed him the tubed cigar and then he started.... ok, he hesitated cuz didn't know how to start... and that's seldom cuz this guy can really talk... and you can listen for hours without gettin bored. Then he told me that back in 1968 or 1969 Zino Davidoff came to him and told him that they NEED a tube cuz other brands also have it.... and this was the time when he, Raymond Scheurer, invented the tube for this cigar, with the slot to open the tube when it's in the cabinett and to close it when you travel. Interesting.... I wanted only some background information about it and then I met the "inventor" himself.... that's pretty cool.

Yesterday there was the same event that I visited last week in Bad Ragaz, but this time in the Lounge in Kreuzlingen.... another occasion to meet some friends and spend a nice evening, so I went there.... I met the Davidoff guys again and every guest got the biography of Zino Davidoff (written by Dieter Wirtz) with some personal words from Raymond Scheurer.

I'll translate on or two sentences to English language of the thing he wrote in my book: "...Apropos Davidoff No. 2 Tube: wait for the right moment to smoke it. If you wanna enjoy it soon, please gimme a call, I have another one of those for you...."

I'm sure that this is not just a writing, it's serious. I don't think that I'll call him (no number... haha) but I'll let him know when I enjoyed this special cigar with this special history.

Thanks again to Leo and Mr. Raymond Scheurer, who both made this gift something really special.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

06/20 - Brunch at the Seerhein

The last day of the Herf after another short night which followed a day and evening full of fun, conversations, cool people and some cigars and good beverage....

We met at the Seerhein where we'd been often in the past: they have a separate area for the smokers and so it's a nice place  to combine the smokin with the brunch....

A coffee and a Ramon Allones Belicosos ER 2010 Germany.... a nice combination to start the day.... which was rainy again....

Unbelievable: it's 06/20 and the weather is worse and colder than in October... I still can't believe it....

At this point I didn't take much pix.... I just want to say "Thank you" to all who found their way to Kreuzlingen and who made this Herf a helluva time.... it was fun to make party with y'all....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

06/19 - Smoke on the water.. and fire in the Lounge....

Saturday morning, 4.5 hours of sleep.... and on the schedule for today: a boat trip from Kreuzlingen to Stein am Rhein.

The weather: Rain, rain, rain.... and.... some rain.

We all met at 8.30 am in front of the hotel and took a walk to the harbor area where our ship departed at 9.00 am. We entered the upper deck, covered by the sun roof (in this case it was a rain roof) and lit up our cigars....

Downstream the trip took us app. 2 hours and so we arrived at Stein am Rhein at 11.00 am.

The restaurant (which you can see in the pic above) is close to the pier and due to this it was only a short walk for us.... one of the few moments without any rain.

We (beside three of us) had a combination ticket for the the boat and lunch in the restaurant, where we got a menu with fish which was really good. We'd a room on our own where we could continue smoking....

Romeo y Julieta Churchill AT 1985

Smoking some parsley

Dunhill Mojito from the 80s

After the lunch we left the Rheinfels around 3 pm and walked back to the pier where we took our boat back to Kreuzlingen, this way is about 2.5. Of course it's still raining and the temperature on the upper deck was not really like it should be in the middle of June. But we'd fun and didn't give the weather a chance to make us unhappy.... and we knew that we gonna have another highlight when we're back at the Lounge.

6.30 pm: entering the Lounge, taking a seat and trying to warm up a bit.... it's been cold on the boat and the wet weather added its part to it. We ordered some food (Pizza and some stuff from a Chinese restaurant) and took our dinner to be prepared for the bottle of Veuve Cliquot and the Dow's 1997 Vintage Port which're on the schedule for this evening.
 Partagas Serie P No. 2, XV Anniversary LCDH Partagas

The Port was outstanding and to have a good partner for this beverage we cracked a box of Montecristo Robusto EL 2000. WOW!! This cigar is awesome!

Montecristo Robusto EL 2000 + Dow's Vintage 1977

The last pic shows the perfect combination.... It's simply amazing and there're no words to describe this harmony.... just try it.... if you can..... for those who didn't want Port we had some Champagne... but also for the Port lovers... hehe

After Ralf's unforgivable faux pas in the morning - he didn't bring the "agreed" rolls with ground pork - he and Alex made the so called "Nut cake agreement" which they sealed with a handshake and a big hug... we'll see if Ralf'll fulfill his promise.

The evening went on and we'd tons of fun and good converstation.... and left the Lounge at app. 1.30 to go to bed and get some sleep after a long day....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

06/18 - Friends, cigars and Portwine

After 3 hours of sleep I got up early on Friday to get all the stuff done before I left home to pick up Alina and Alex at Zurich Airport.

The reason for them comin to Switzerland was the annual Herf of a group of guys, which has now a certain tradition, this year it's held the third time...

We arrived at Portmann's in Kreuzlingen where Marcel waited for us.

It was app. 11.30 am and the others should arrive over  the next hours, the last entered the Lounge at about 6 pm.

We moved to the Lounge at 1.30 pm to see the Germans lose their game at the World Cup vs. Serbia... not the end, but a bitter defeat. Also the makeup with the German colors in Gabriels and Vitaliys face didn't help.

At 6 pm we're complete and Urs also came to us, carrying a box of Trinidad Fundadores from 1998 which he gifted us to smokem during our Herf... and as expected they're mindblowing!

Trinidad Fundadores from 1998

Later on we started the first highlight of the weekend and we'd a little Portwine tasting with the following stuff:
  • Porto Cruz Blanc: very oily and aromas of peach... a nice aperitif.
  • Allesverloren Vintage 1997 (Portwine from South Africa): interesting, intensive notes of black berries and cherries... unfortunately a very weak body and short aftertaste.
  • Porto Baron's 20 yo: bottled with a pseudo-name... not sure what is behind it but the taste was very good (some called it the winner of the evening)
  • Porto Cruz Vintage 1989: my personal favorite, dark berries, intensive taste and long lasting aftertaste...a "fleshy" body.

Gabriel brought another bottle of the famous Cigarrignac with him (also thx to Gabriel for gifting me the "Sweet Fire", a Strawberry Chili Liquor), another good companion for the smokes which'd been lit up.

My cigar highlights at this day had been:
  • Davidoff 5000 from the 80s
  • Trinidad Fundadores from '98
  • Diplomaticos No. 1 from the 70s
  • ERdM PC from '95
  • HUSW from '97 
  • Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No. 1 from the 70s
  • Cohiba 35th Anniversary Humidor Gran Corona (A-size)
  • and so on....
Davidoff 5000 from the 80s

It's the first Herf at which I have no overview what I smoked over the time (I only can remember a handful of them), but I know that they all ROCKED!!

Here are some more pix of Friday, enjoy them.... reports of Saturday and Sunday'll follow.