Sunday, June 06, 2010

06/05 - Max´ Bachelor Party

A friend of mine, Max from Austria, will marry soon and due to this he invited some friends for a little bachelor party to the Lounge in Kreuzlingen....

It was not the usual kinda bachelor party with stupid games, pole dance, strip clubs and stuff like that.... it was just a nice get together with some friends.... havin some good booze, good cigars, good conversation....

We decided to gift him something... and what to gift to a cigar smoker? Of course, some nice cigars, at best the ones he's eagerly looking for but no buying.... a box of Punch Diademas Extra, Edicion Regionales 2009 from Italy... additionally Gabriel, president of the smokers club in Wiesbaden, brought a bottle of the well-known Cigarrignac which matches with cigars very well.

Urs Portmann gave as a box of Bolivar Belicosos Finos from 2008 that we'd something to smoke for the evening.... thx for that generous gesture.

In the last months I use such occasions to smoke some of my rarer cigars... some experiences I had lately in my environment showed me that good things can be over very rapidly....

Some of the stuff I had can be seen below... people who are into cigars see what I´m talkin about.

Che Robusto, Dunhill Mojito 80s, RA Belicosos ER Germany 2010,
Montecristo #2 Dunhill Sel. '79, Montecristo A from '97

The last pic shows some artwork I did with the ashes.... It's a pity that I'm no well known artist, because in that case it would been worth a lot.... in my case it's just a pile of ash.