Friday, June 18, 2010

06/17 - Smokin in Bad Ragaz

Yesterday was the event for the introduction of the new Davidoff line called Puro d'Oro, a cigar which is completly made of Domenican tobacco.

Marcel and I arrived at the exclusive Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz and were welcomed by Marc Portmann who offered us the smallest of the line, a Petit Corona sized called Sublimes... sounds a bit funny to me... but anyway...

As I said before, I'm no big fan of NC's but this cigar was not too bad at all. After the first smoke we moved temporarily to another room for some words of the Davidoff guys and a short movie about the history behind the new line....

Then we moved back and the buffet was ready to eat... and it was delicious.... I guess I don't tell you what we had, just have a look on the pix... they say more than 1000 words.

After the dinner we decided to take the biggest one... the so called Magnifico. Lit it up, smoked app. 1 inch and threw it to the ash tray. Tasteless, hot air. That's it.

I recognized again that I never'll be a big fan of Davidoff cigars and a quote of Raymond Scheurer, who also said some words during the presentation: "If you like it today, you'll like it ever. If you dislike it now, you'll ever dislike it". True words, I stick to part II. So I fired up a Partagas Salomones and later a RG Lonsdale... much better choice for me.

We had nice conversations and in the end we were the last (together with Marc) to leave the Salon Davidoff at app. 1.40 am.

This was a good start for a weekend full of smoke which is ahead of me.... come back to see the reports about that during the next week.