Sunday, June 20, 2010

06/18 - Friends, cigars and Portwine

After 3 hours of sleep I got up early on Friday to get all the stuff done before I left home to pick up Alina and Alex at Zurich Airport.

The reason for them comin to Switzerland was the annual Herf of a group of guys, which has now a certain tradition, this year it's held the third time...

We arrived at Portmann's in Kreuzlingen where Marcel waited for us.

It was app. 11.30 am and the others should arrive over  the next hours, the last entered the Lounge at about 6 pm.

We moved to the Lounge at 1.30 pm to see the Germans lose their game at the World Cup vs. Serbia... not the end, but a bitter defeat. Also the makeup with the German colors in Gabriels and Vitaliys face didn't help.

At 6 pm we're complete and Urs also came to us, carrying a box of Trinidad Fundadores from 1998 which he gifted us to smokem during our Herf... and as expected they're mindblowing!

Trinidad Fundadores from 1998

Later on we started the first highlight of the weekend and we'd a little Portwine tasting with the following stuff:
  • Porto Cruz Blanc: very oily and aromas of peach... a nice aperitif.
  • Allesverloren Vintage 1997 (Portwine from South Africa): interesting, intensive notes of black berries and cherries... unfortunately a very weak body and short aftertaste.
  • Porto Baron's 20 yo: bottled with a pseudo-name... not sure what is behind it but the taste was very good (some called it the winner of the evening)
  • Porto Cruz Vintage 1989: my personal favorite, dark berries, intensive taste and long lasting aftertaste...a "fleshy" body.

Gabriel brought another bottle of the famous Cigarrignac with him (also thx to Gabriel for gifting me the "Sweet Fire", a Strawberry Chili Liquor), another good companion for the smokes which'd been lit up.

My cigar highlights at this day had been:
  • Davidoff 5000 from the 80s
  • Trinidad Fundadores from '98
  • Diplomaticos No. 1 from the 70s
  • ERdM PC from '95
  • HUSW from '97 
  • Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No. 1 from the 70s
  • Cohiba 35th Anniversary Humidor Gran Corona (A-size)
  • and so on....
Davidoff 5000 from the 80s

It's the first Herf at which I have no overview what I smoked over the time (I only can remember a handful of them), but I know that they all ROCKED!!

Here are some more pix of Friday, enjoy them.... reports of Saturday and Sunday'll follow.