Friday, June 25, 2010

Davidoff No. 2 Tubo

Sometimes a cigar is more than just a cigar.... sometimes it tells you a story or it has some history.... like in this case.

Some time ago I did a little favor to a friend, his name is Leo (Leo, if you read this: Thx again!!). He sent me as a "Thank you" beside another great cigars one Davidoff No. 2 in the aluminium tube. I highly appreciate this generous gesture cuz it's a really hard to find cigar. This is Part I of the story of this cigar...

Going over to Part II. I talked to a friend about this cigar and he mentioned some doubts (he's in the tobacco business since many, many years) and he felt a bit unsure about a Davidoff from Cuba being in a tube...

Accidently there was an event hosted by Davidoff to introduce their new cigar line and so this was a good occasion to ask one of the Davidoff guys directly about the background of this cigar. I happened that I talked to Mr. Raymond Scheurer: the guy who worked 40 years for Davidoff, who worked with and learned from Zino Davidoff, who retired a few weeks ago.

So far it sounds not really special, like a story. I showed him the tubed cigar and then he started.... ok, he hesitated cuz didn't know how to start... and that's seldom cuz this guy can really talk... and you can listen for hours without gettin bored. Then he told me that back in 1968 or 1969 Zino Davidoff came to him and told him that they NEED a tube cuz other brands also have it.... and this was the time when he, Raymond Scheurer, invented the tube for this cigar, with the slot to open the tube when it's in the cabinett and to close it when you travel. Interesting.... I wanted only some background information about it and then I met the "inventor" himself.... that's pretty cool.

Yesterday there was the same event that I visited last week in Bad Ragaz, but this time in the Lounge in Kreuzlingen.... another occasion to meet some friends and spend a nice evening, so I went there.... I met the Davidoff guys again and every guest got the biography of Zino Davidoff (written by Dieter Wirtz) with some personal words from Raymond Scheurer.

I'll translate on or two sentences to English language of the thing he wrote in my book: "...Apropos Davidoff No. 2 Tube: wait for the right moment to smoke it. If you wanna enjoy it soon, please gimme a call, I have another one of those for you...."

I'm sure that this is not just a writing, it's serious. I don't think that I'll call him (no number... haha) but I'll let him know when I enjoyed this special cigar with this special history.

Thanks again to Leo and Mr. Raymond Scheurer, who both made this gift something really special.