Saturday, August 14, 2010

Octomore Orpheus 02.2

It's an very interesting Whisky... Octomore is highly peated, and this one is finished in Chateau Petrus Casks, which is a very exclusive way to finish a Whisky... and this finish makes it special.. price- and taste-wise....If you like peaty stuff, that it is a must have!

Nose: Peat, sweetness.... sweetness, peat... charcoal, wine vinegar

Taste: CHARCOAL AND PEAT!! A massive attack on the taste buds... then the sweetness of the wine is risin up, coatin the mouth; orange and almond, peat and tar are present all the time.

Aftertaste: Very, very long and warming... a real monster!!

The description may sound a bit boring but this Whisky is a real experience that you have to taste...