Sunday, July 18, 2010

07/17 - The Return of the Non-smoker

Ok... I'm bitchy.... but it still makes fun.... I called Dan a non-smoker when he was here in January and I'm sure that he'll keep this name until the end of his life.... that's his cross he's to bear....

I arrived around 11 am at Portmann's... Urs is still on vacation but Marc, his son who's running the other shop in Vaduz, was here today... and gave us an ERdM Elegantes ER Suiza 2010 as a first cigar of the day.

Marcel and Dan were already there, Ralf arrived a bit later and met us to sit together in the humidor room to smoke and talk.

Later on Marc took us downstairs where we'd the chance to have a look at the Hoyo de Monterrey special humidor that they won at the auction at the Festival in Havana back in February... a very nice piece of art.

We changed the location and took a short ride to the Seerhein to enjoy the weather before the rain should come. Alex, a friend of us, met us here too...

The table was overloaded with 5-finger-bags, card boxes and air bubble foil... it looked like a child has unwrapped all his birthday presents.... a nice beginning of the payback for that what Ralf has started....

Is it X-mas?

We also got a little package with a box of Fonseca Hermosos No. 4 ER Benelux 2010 which I lit up immediately... not too bad, but not sure if I really need a whole box of them... It's definetly a nice presentation with the paper around each cigar. The taste was good but I think I should smoke it without havin smoked several cigars before to get a better impression of it.

Fonseca Hermosos No. 4 ER Benelux 2010

Another cigar I smoked was a Custom Rolled from Ravi of COH, which I got from Marcel. I took some notes of which I gonna write a review soon.

Custom Rolled Pyramide from COH

More cigars like a '05 Diplomaticos No 1, a 1994 and a Dunhill Varadero had been burnt to ashes, not to forget the late lunch we also had... It was a nice day that we spent together, I really enjoyed it.

1994 from the special humidor

Dunhill Varadero

Nub of a Dunhill Varadero

Dan, I hope you come back again this year and I'm sure we gonna have again a lot of fun...