Saturday, July 31, 2010

07/30 - From the rain into the sun

Ok, as stated on Thursday we made a trip to Ticino on Friday... and started again in the morning with heavy rain.

Two hours later we recognized that the sun is still there.... much better view than at 7.30 am when we left home. It was a pleasure to the blue and sunny sky....

First part of our trip was to Como, where we got fresh prawns which'll be a nice dinner... afterwards a visit to Foxtown in Mendrisio (where I found a box of LGC MdO No. 2 from 1997). And then the enjoyable part of the trip started.

Driving to the direction of Locarno and then making a right turn into the mountains where we arrived at the Verzasca dam, the highest dam in Europe, being built between 1960 and 1965. You may ask: Where? And I guess many of you know this famous place. The bungee jump at the intro of the James Bond movie "Golden Eye" was shot at this location.

There was also some bungee jumping today... but not for me! Going down 220 m / 722 ft.... CRAZY!!! You could hear the screaming of the people who jumped echoing in the valley.... Nice to watch it, but too afraid to do it on my own. NEVER EVER!!

The other side of the dam gives you the view on the wonderful lake.... peaceful.... totally clear water....

We continued our way deeper into the valley, which is surrounded by mountains which have an average height of app. 2400 m / 7900 ft through old villages which look really beautiful.We took something small for a late lunch in a lil restaurant at the way and could see the village of Corippo on the opposite side which seems to be hard to reach... no street seems to be there. Impressing area.... very silent.... maybe to lonely to live there.

The valley is a dead end.... leading to the village of Sonogno, an idyllic place where we took another stop and walked around to enjoy the atmosphere of this place.... small restaurants, little shops selling local specialties... all the old, stone-built houses....

On our way back we stopped at one of the many churches we saw on our way. The people here are said to be very religious.... counting the numerous churches on the way seems to be one proof of it.

This valley is packed with attractions, so we found this waterfall which was close to the street.... the water in the basin was crystal clear, an open invitation to dive into it... but there was no way to get down there... maybe you get downwards, but then you'll have a problem to get back to the street... it's really a pity.

Another highlight, the double arch stone bridge called "Ponte dei Salt". In the background you can see a lot of people lying on the rocks in the river. It´s popular to go there for swimming... you can see the people all along the river wherever there´s a possibity to come down to the rocks. The water is totally clear... perfect for a refreshing bath on a hot day.

We left the area with a last view to the Lago Maggiore.... it was a fantastic day with perfect weather and temperatures close to 28 °C / 83 F... Arrivederci Ticino....