Wednesday, August 11, 2010

08/10 - Some old stuff... just another pre-tasting

In the beginning of November we gonna do another Whisky tasting in the Lounge. It's the 4th event now....

The first was with bottlings of the Scotch Single Malt Circle only, the second showed the people the peaty way from lightly to heavily peated.... the third one was a Bruichladdich Vertical Tasting... those three events defined a high level and it'll be hard to make it even more attractive, but I think I found something which is also really special.

This time the slogan is "Back to the 70s", which means that we'll have 4 Whiskys which have been distilled in the 70s.... It's interesting that all I chose have been matured in a Sherry casks... seems like they preferred it in this years...

The following is on our panel for this time:
  • Bunnahabhain 1976, 31 yo, Murray McDavid, Oloroso Sherry Cask
  • Inchgower 1974, 34 yo, Scotch Single Malt Circle, Re-Fill Sherry Cask
  • Caperdonich 1972, 37 yo., Duncan Taylor Rare Auld, Re-Fill Sherry Cask
  • Speyside Single Malt (Glenfarclas) 1971, 35 yo., Whiskyfair, Oloroso Sherry Cask

The reason for trying them before is on one hand to get some tasting notes which I can use for the tasting and on the other hand to find out the matching cigars for a recommendation.

Maybe a Partagas or Bolivar might be too earthy, the strength is no problem in this case.... my tendency goes to ERdM: medium bodied and full of intensive sweet and floral aromas which should get into a good balance with those Sherry monsters.

Ok, so let's start first with the Whiskys, the Bunnahabhain 1976, the one in the row, which's distilled latest. Distilled in 1976, bottled in 2009 at 51.9 % (103.8 proof).

Nose: Dried fruits, pleasant sweetness, honey, oak wood
Taste: Maritime - salt and tang, some spices, reminding of ginger bread, roasted hazelnut, toffee, in the end some liquorice
Aftertaste: A hint of peat smoke, fruity aromas and some refreshing saltiness

It couldn't have been a better one to start this tasting.

The second in the row is the Inchgower 1974, another nice bottling from Maggie and Bill.... Distilled in 1974, bottled in 2009 at 57.1 % (114.2 proof).

Nose: ripe banana, malt, honey, decent oak wood, caramel fudge
Taste: sweet and malty, cereals, fat and creamy, walnut, dried fruits in the background, some exotic spices
Aftertaste: Never ending.... a Whisky like a very good desert....!!

But the best to done is to add some drops of water: it gets FAT and OILY! A very intensive maltiness, the aroma of the spices gets stronger... an AROMA EXPLOSION!!!

No. 3 goes back to the early 70s, distilled before I was born.... Caperdonich 1972. Distilled in 1972, bottled in 2010 at 56.5 % (113.0 proof).

Nose: Fruity (Mirabelle), decent oak wood, honey
Taste: Honey, exoctical spices (but not too intensive), nutmeg, dried plums, hints of lemon
Aftertaste: A bit dry but very long fruitiness....

This Whisky gets drier the longer you have it in your glass, the spices and dried fruits cover the palate...

The last one... dark as the night... a really special Whisky... only by seeing it you can imagine that it'll run down the throat like oil.... but with an amazing taste and a color which is close to black.... A Speyside Single Malt 1971. Distilled in 1971, bottled in 2005 at 51.4 % (102.8 proof).

Nose: Complex, subtle and elegant, it's like an old sweet wine....
Taste: Dry, Sweet but not round, milk chocolate, spices, ginger bread, balsamic vinegar, hints of pineapple
Aftertaste: Refreshing menthol and dried fruits of the Sherry... a perfect balance

This is a perfect winter time Whisky....

I think my guess which I made before was right... the ERdM Choix Supreme, Lonsdale or Gran Corona'll be the perfect choice to compliment those outstanding spirits.

After this first run I smoked a ERdM Gran Corona with the first two and a Lonsdale with the other Whiskys... fantastic combination... the intensity of the dried fruits in the spirit matched perfectly with the bloomy aromas of the cigars. None of the partner was overpowering the other.... it's an awesome interaction which goes always back and forth without gettin boring. Those kinda combinations are very subjective, due to this I hope that the participants of the tasting'll like it as I did.