Monday, July 19, 2010

COH Custom Rolled Pyramide

Marcel ordered two singles of those two weeks ago and handed me one out to try it...

The first obvious fact of this cigar was its weight... it seemed to be much heavier than the Montecristo No. 2 I had with me, a cigar of the same size.

The wrapper of that cigar´s very dark, with a light shine. An intensive smell of dark roasted coffee, leather and tobacco comes to the nose.

Ok, let's fire it up... and... wow.... the draw is surprisingly light, especially when you take into account the weight.... and it´s on with the first puffs: what has been found in the cold smell is now in the taste during the first third, added by some black pepper and hints of dark chocolate. Medium bodied at this time, seems promising.

The second third is slightly disappointing, no real development. Good flavors, but no change... the aromas even get a little bit flat.

The last third gets better then.... with tastes of wood, leather, dark chocolate and still the roasted coffee in the background... Full bodied now, a good cigar after a big meal.

All in all a solid smoke... not sure if they're gettin a bit sick now, I just base this conclusion on the 2nd third.... the smokin time was about 90 minutes.