Sunday, August 22, 2010

08/20 - 08/22 - Wedding festivities of Gabi and Max

Before I start with my report... I have say: WOW, the weekend was a blast!

And again: congratulations to Gabi and Max and thanks a lot for inviting us to your wedding ceremony and the party which followed...

But let's start on Friday.... Marcel and Daniela arrived here in Balgach around 2 pm, we put their luggage in our car and a while later we started our trip... a few hundred kilometers and some traffic jams later we finally arrived  at Hotel Stockinger in Ansfelden, where Marlene and Urs already waited for us.

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We checked in, brought the suitcases to our room... a quick refreshment and then it's time for dinner. For me it was some grilled steak with potatoes and fried beans, the others took some local specialties (of which I knew that I would gettem at the dinner during the wedding party).

Even if I have no pix, we smoked some good cigars before and after dinner... later Markus and Ralf (plus their wifes) joined us there and we went to bed after midnight.

After a short night we stood up around 7 am and after the breakfast it was more or less time for the ladies to prepare and o their styling... time for the guys to have a second breakfast... with beer and cigar.

A '97 Diplomaticos No. 2 and a wheat beer is no bad start in the day at all.... we enjoyed the sunny weather lookin forward to the celebrations of the day.... the forecast said that the weather should be fine, temperatures around 30 °C / 86 F and blue sky.

A short drive by car of about 20 minutes brought us to the city of Linz where we drove to a really beautiful church on the top of the hill with a fantastic view over the city and the region around.

In front of the church all the guests came together and we also met the bridal couple where I took the chance to take a pic of them (together with Marlene and Urs Portmann). This was a bit unusual for me, because afaik the groom sees his bride the first time in her dress when her Dad brings her into the church to the altar... but ok.... something new, something different.

The church itself was really nice inside, a perfect place to make this day something special and to be remembered your whole lifetime.

It seems that the mass in the church was a bit boring... that's only reason how I can explain the next pic:

After the church marriage we took our cars back to the hotel and after the couple arrived the party started.

First some little apero at the outside with some bubbly and later on the whole group had to go inside into the hall. The serving of the food started soon after everybody took his seat.... and it was good because it was around 4.30 pm now and breakfast was a while back.

I like all the little details they put in and which made this events also something to be remembered... some personal names plates for everybody.... homemade marmelade for the ladies and some homemade Schnaps for the men. Max also organized some cigars for the smokers and equipped them with special bands.

After the main course the group split, some went outside, some remained inside. Due to the high temperatures and the humidity which was gettin higher and higher inside it was a good choice to sit down on the terrace... and it seems that even Urs found the time to smoke something.

The following pix'll be presented without any further comments, I guess pix say more than 1000 words...

Some glasses of wine later it ended up like this!

Do I have to say anything else? I don´t think so....

Another highlight of the evening (beside the games and the dancin which I both "missed" --> I´m not really a fan of it) was the cutting of the 5-tier wedding cake.... I liked it... ok, I like many kinds of cake, but especially those ones....

We all had a lot of fun, smoked a lot of good stuff. We spent a nice time there and I'm sure that Gabi and Max really enjoyed this day.

This morning after the breakfast they left to Munich Airport to make a 3 day honeymoon trip to Barcelona. We also packed our car, but drove past Munich back to Switzerland.... Tanja and I´ll come back to Munich soon to take the plane to our vacation destination.... but this'll be another story....