Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blind tasting experiments - Part 2

Please forgive me, I was too lazy to translate all the impressions to English language.... due to this you'll find here the conlucsion of this interesting challenge....

Again we made a little blind tasting... this time we chose Piramides.... due to a discussion which came up before, that following cigars'd been on the panel (all people knew that they have these 3 cigars in their package and they also know the box codes and dates):
  • Upmann: USE OCT 07 --> Cigar No. 1
  • Diplomaticos: FPG OSSC --> Cigar No. 2
  • Montecristo: BLP APR 08 --> Cigar No. 3
I thought it'd be a bit unfair with the age of the Diplo, but in the end it wasn't as easy as I thought:
  • Outta 19 people 15 gave their vote.
  • 3 people were totally wrong and didn't recognize any of the 3.
  • 9 people guessed 1 cigar right (3 of each brand).
  • 3 people recognized all 3.
I also asked the people to make a rating (as far as possible) with 1, 2 and 3 points...

That's the result:
  • 1st place with 33 points: Diplomaticos
  • 2nd place with 31 points: Upmann
  • 3rd place with 26 points: Montecristo
Also interesting is to see which cigar was rated best/worst how many times:
  • Diplomaticos: 6x Best / 2x Worst: 4 points
  • Upmann: 5x Best / 4x Worst: 1 points
  • Montecristo: 5x Best / 10x Worst: -5 points
Due to this the Diplomaticos is obviously the winner. Of course it is hard to rate from Best to Worse, but I needed something to make a ranking....