Saturday, August 07, 2010

Fonseca Hermosos No. 4 ER Benelux 2010

I smoked one of those a while ago (but had some other cigars before) and so I decided to revisit it again, to get an impression about it.

The wrapper is colorado colored, fine and a bit shiny. Decent smell of fresh cut grass, wood and tobacco.

The first third starts with a good mouthful of smoke and a good draw with a good balance of woody flavors and some sweetness.

During the second third the taste gets very woody, some kinda greenish aroma in the background....

In the last third there is still oak wood, tary notes come up... it's gettin a bit harsh.

A solid smoke with a smokin time of 90 minutes.... not bad at all but not convincing enough to make me buy a whole box of them....