Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Some special Whiskys from 1973

1973 - the year of my birth.... and due to my passion for Scotch Single Malt I'm always on the hunt to find bottles for a reasonable price which have been distilled in this year...

I have three open bottles from this year... a Glen Scotia, a Glenrothes and a Cragganmore.... but I wanna show the bottles which are still closed and wait for the day I gonna crack them.

left to right: Highland Park, Macallan, Glen Grant, Tobermory Ledaig

Let's start with some words about the first one.

Highland Park bottled by Mackillop's Choice is a single cask bottling, filled in 2009.

Highland Park distillery was founded in 1798 and even in 2010 they stuck to some old traditions. One of those is to hand-turn the malt on the dry floor which makes the malt cost two and a half times as much as industrially processed malt. Another keystone for the special taste of this Whisky is the use of Sherry casks for the maturation... makes it more expensive but also more special. A typical taste of Highland Park is decent smoke and the moorland herb.

Second in the row is the Macallan, some call it the Rolls Royce of Single Malt. The latest bottlings of this distillery are also Bourbon cask matured, but all the old stuff, like the one I have here, are matured in Sherry casks. The purists say that the Sherry covers the character of the distillery but I like this Sherry taste...

Macallan was one of the first legal distilleries in Scotland, being founded back in 1824 (started with their license in the mentioned year). Dried fruit and decent aromas of peat... that's what I like for that Whisky. Unfortunately it´s not cask strength but only 40 % / 80 Proof.

Glen Grant... mindblowing Whisky if it was in a cask for a long time. The cask has been selected by two guys who also put up the Whiskyfair in Limburg and I'm sure the made a really good choice. 36 years of age... also matured in a Sherry cask... the complexity of this Whisky is amazing, as I said before: mindblowing.

Founded in 1840 and they're also traditional in some things like firing some of their still with coal like it has been also in the beginning.... the newer ones are heated with steam.

Last but not least: Tobermory-Ledaig, the peaty version of this distillery which has been founded in 1798 but had many closure time over the centuries. An underrated distillery imho.

Finally a peaty one... hard to find peaty stuff for a reasonable price... others like Ardbeg or Laphroaig goin back to this year are extremly expensive... and outta my price range.

Those bottles are still sealed but they'll be opened one day for a special occasion, because I didn´t buy them for collectin but to enjoy them.

At the moment I have again an interesting bottle on its way: a Bunnahabhain, 1973 - 2009, 35 yo with 50.1 %, another bottling from the Whisky Agency.