Tuesday, October 12, 2010

09/25 - 10/09 - Constance Halaveli Resort / Maldives

This year's holidays have been fixed in our minds last year and we decided that we'll go to the Maldives after we'd been there in 2001 (we flew there on 09/13, two days after this horrible terroristic attack on the WTC in New York).

I don't know if there are good words to describe what we found at this very nice island and hotel.... it's amazing but I'm sure you'll get a lil impression.... the website of the resort could be found at: www.halaveli.com

The flight with Emirates was really good, some space to stretch the legs, best food that I ever had on a plane. After a stop in Dubai, which we used for some shopping (I made a stop at the LCDH in Terminal 3 to buy some cigars for our stay) we arrived at Male Airport around 8.30 am, lookin forward for the water plane which should bring us to our resort.

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 LCDH Dubai, Terminal 3

Constance Halaveli Lounge at Malé Airport

Constance Halaveli Lounge at Malé Airport

We'd to wait until all the guys who should fly with us arrived and so we'd been brought to the Lounge of our hotel at the airport to make the waiting time as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately the weather was horrible on this day but it should be better during the next two weeks. On the whole we'd only one complete day of rain, the rest of the time (especially the second week) was sunny and hot.

On the island we'd been picked up by Sarah from the local guest service, German speakin... who gave us a short introduction and brought us to our water villa. We stepped in and just said: wow! I felt sure that I'll feel comfortable here for the next two weeks... I guess the pix give you a good impression of what we saw there....

Our Water Villa, No. 73

The view from the bed was perfect... you opened the curtains and watched out on the open sea...

View from the bed

Let me take you with me for a walk through the resort and around the island. Just a lil information: the lights at nighttime are reduced to the necessary minimum to give you a good view to the sky which is full of stars... I can confirm you that I have never seen such a star-spattered sky anywhere before, it was simply amazing.

But the best resort is nothin without the people who work there... and the guys at this resort fulfilled everything they could.... I wanna mention some of those people to whom we'd a closer contact during our stay.

One of them was Anja, F'n'B Manager, who is responsible for all the restaurant and everything which has to do with food and beverage... We met her one morning on our way to breakfast and we'd a lil conversation. During this conversation Tanja asked her why there is no coconut on the buffet and why it's only used in the food... It was just a question, no wish that she asked for... but 20 minutes later the door bell of our villa rang and on of the employees brought us a plate with fresh coconut for Tanja on the behalf of Anja... a very nice gesture. Tanja got another plate after dinner at another day and she could've get more if she'd asked for it...

 Some Coconut for Tanja

Together with Anja, F'n'B Manager

Another nice guy's Jérôme, the French Head Sommelier, a really sympathetic guy. He invited us to have a look at his wine cellar when we drove with the buggy to the buffet restaurant while there was a short and heavy rain... we followed this invitation and some more followed during our stay... at the last evening it ended up in two hours of fun with another good glasses of wine. At this evening Marcus, a guy of his team joined us...

The Jing restaurant, which is also in his responsibility got an award from the Wine Spectator for their good range they´ve available there. Well done, guys...

Jérôme, it's was really a pleasure to meet you and we're both lookin forward to your visit here in Switzerland.

Jérôme, the Head Sommelier

Together with Marcus and Jérôme

There were two more people to which we'd a good relation: Didi, the server in the Jahaz restaurant, who took care of us at the most time during our stay and Astria, who gave us always a warm welcome every time when we arrived at the restaurant.

 Together with Didi


Thanks to both of you, it's a big pleasure to meet you.

Even if they are not shown here they should be mentioned: all the people in the background, the IT-team (to fix the probs we'd from time to time with our iMac entertainment system), the service staff and all the guys in the kitchen.... you made an excellent job. The food in the buffet restaurant Jahaz was always high level, the food was always great and in a big variation...

Another big "Thank you" goes to Saudulla, the guy who cleaned our room twice a day. He made an excellent job, took care of all our preferences... first class service.

These two weeks have been absolutly great and we left the island totally relaxed... now back in Switzerland work started again today...

But every end is a new beginning... and due to this we´ll be looking forward to the next vacation... and still having some great memories in mind...

The Old Man and the Sea

Before I end this report, some more impressions... pix that've been made outta the water plane which took us from the island to Male airport.

Constance Halaveli Resort


Malé Airport