Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/16 - Some spirits from Alsace

The history of this distillery, which is located in Ribeauville in Alsace, goes back to the 60s of the last century. Jean-Paul Metté distilled his first Eaux de Vie in the sixties.... In 1985 his godson Phillipe Traber came into the business, he's running it until today after Jean-Paul Metté retired in 1997.

If you wanna know more about it check out this link:

Today 87 Eaux de Vies and 27 liquors are produced at the traditional distillery...

Thx to Jerômé, who introduced the Spiritueux de Cannelle to me during our vacation on the Maldives (this experience made me curious about the other stuff) and also thx to Marcel for organizing the samples.

Yesterday Marcel picked me up and we took a short ride to the next village where we went to the Restaurant Sonne. First we'd some Cordon Bleu for dinner to get a good basis for our following tasting. Tanja's with us, but drove home after dinner and so Marcel and myself went upstairs to the lounge.

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Our tasting panel consisted of the following:
  • Café Arabica: intensive smell and taste of coffee, a good starter.
  • Marc de Gewurztraminer: reminded both of us of a Grappa, less bitter and a bit more intensity of the grapes.

  • Framboise / Raspberry: very intensive taste, you might think they added some aromas; smelling like putting the nose into a box filled with raspberries... coating the mouth with a really pleasant taste.

  • Vieille Mirabelle / Old Mirabelle: comparable to the experience with the raspberry, maybe a bit less intensive.

    • Gingembre: it takes getting used to it... interesting taste and smell with some hints of lemon grass... maybe the warning on the bottle is missing that it should only be used for external application. I don't need it again.

    • Vieille Prune / Old Plum: oh yes... that's it! That's a winner... very good in the combination with the cigar I had at this time....

    • Cannelle / Cinnamon: this one I already knew but I was again overwhelmed by the smell and taste... normally cinnamon is not one my preferred aromas, but this spirit is awesome... another thumbs up.
    To sum it up: we'd another fantastic evening and some new ideas for upcomin tastings we could do....

    I'm coninvced that we'll visit this place next year in spring, for sure an interesting experience...