Wednesday, January 19, 2011

01/15 - Friends, Altbier and cigars

After a short night we got up at 4 am and took the car to Zurich airport. The plane left in time and so we arrived at Dusseldorf at 8.10 am. Rushing through customs, waiting for Manfred who came from Hamburg and then takin a cab to the hotel. We dropped our luggage and then met with Alex to grab something for breakfast before the big activities started...

The waiting time at the airport in Dusseldorf was shortened with some photo shooting... no further comment needed...

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We'd been forced by gun violence to take a seat and smile

We'd been forced by gun violence to take a seat and smile

The first cigar of the day was an Upmann Noellas from the glass jar, definetly a stick which'll become really great... I'm sure about this.

Firin up

Around 10.30 we changed the location to Brewery Schumacher where we met with a bunch of other guys.The Altbier - which is a top-fermented dark beer - started to flow....

Waitin until the smokin room is ready....

 Trinidad Fundadores @Schumacher's brewery

Tobi's havin fun


Huckle with roast potatos

More and more of the guys arrive

Ready for the walk to the lounge

At 2 pm we left the location an walked to the Cigarworld Lounge ( which is approximately 20 minutes away.... and where which should stay for the next couple of hours....

Andreas shows... ok, forget it.

 What to smoke, what to smoke???

 The herfin crew....

Dinner is served

 Zacapa.... always a winner

Thx for the organization, Jens and Alex

Left to right: Camillo, Heiko, Vitaliy

Michael and Bernd lookin forward to their Rum

Christoph (left) and Max

Unfortunately we'd to leave around 2.30 am, cuz they'd to shut the lounge, due to this we arrived around 3 at our hotel, which gave us a few hours of sleep... brunch at the next morning was fixed for 11 am.

To be continued.