Sunday, December 05, 2010

12/04 - Santa Claus at Castle Vollrads

Again it's that time of the year... the time of all those X-mas parties...

We'd been at Castle Vollrads in March this year for the 10th anniversary of the Cigar Cult Club, now we'd been here again.

But before the big party in the evening started we'd some nice hours before. Tanja and myself drove to Germany on Friday to meet some of our friends, Tanja stayed there while I went to Schloss Vollrads.

Marcel started on Saturday morning in Kreuzlingen and picked me up at 10.30 am on his way in Bensheim. There we made a stop at Rauchkultur Seiler (, smoked a stick, talked to some guys...

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Smokin in Bensheim

Around 12 we continued our way to Wiesbaden where we planned to meet Vitaliy and arrived at 1 pm sharp at the agreed location, Heiko Jourdan's shop (, where we'd been joined by Hans. We all moved then to Balzers Stammhaus ( to spend some nice hours with good cigars and some indigenous but excellent food...

At Heiko's shop

 Heaven and earth - pasta squares filled with blood sausage

Enjoying the food in Stammhaus Balzers

One of the cigars worth to be mentioned was a Quintero Churchill from the late 70s which I nubbed down as much as possible... an outstanding cigar.

Quintero Churchill (was in yellow cellophane)

Nubbed the Quintero down

During all those conversations (in the meantime Christoph also joined us) the time flew by and we'd to leave to the hotel to get ready for the X-mas event at the evening.

Gabriel, the president of the Cigar Cult Club led us through the evening where we enjoyed a tasty Caribbean style buffet. Not to forget the Rum that Thorsten Wolfertz gifted before the dessert was served....

Some welcome cocktails 

No more words needed

Opening speech of Gabriel

Dunhill Mojito and Rioja Faustino V

Too much redwine, Andreas?

Montecristo C, EL 2003 and some Rum

Marcel's case: What to smoke?

Cuaba Millenium Distinguidos

Thx again to Gabriel and all the other who organized this fantastic event.

And for all of you who didn't know it... Santa Claus is female... have a look here...

Santa Claus is FEMALE