Thursday, December 16, 2010

12/14 - Smoking on a plane...

Yesterday I met with Tom and Marcel in Zurich at the Runway 34. It's a special location... The restaurant is in a big hangar and in the middle is a Ilyushin 14 from 1957, which is the smoker's lounge.

Marcel booked a flight for us to Barcelona (originally we planned to fly to Havanna, but it wasn't available), so we went at first to the Check-In to get our ticket.

 At the check-in desk

Ticket to BCN

On Monday was Tom's 40th birthday, so at first we drank a toast to him, with Coke and Rivella. After a short moment in the bar we could move downstairs to the restaurant where we'd been greeted by our flight attendant.

The restaurant itself is arrangend around the plane which is standing in the middle of this hangar. Drinks are served outta the trolleys that you know from the plane cabins... The food is really good there...  and gave us a basis for the following smokes.

After dinner we went upstairs to the cigar lounge, which is located inside the plane. In this case it´s for cigar smokers only. I like that sign.

We took a seat close to the exhaust of the ventilation system (the last time when Tom and Marcel'd been there they set off the fire alarm), where we'd a good view into the old cockpit of this plane.

View to the back of the plane

View to the cockpit

View to the cockpit

As a first cigar of the evening we started with a Festival 2000 Mareva. Very good cigar with some grassy notes, intensive earthy touch and also flavors of fresh walnuts and almonds.

Tom and the box of Festival Marevas

 All three of us really enjoyed this fantastic stick and so it was nubbed down to the very end....

Gimme some fire...

The 3 Swiss Musqueteers

Very good until the end

The second cigar was gifted by Marcel, it's a Romeo y Julieta Petit Corona from the 70s... it's simply amazing how intensive in taste a 30+ yo. cigar can be... just wow! An impressing herbal flavor... another cigar that shows me why I like old and crusty stuff...

Guys, I really enjoyed this evening... it's a pity that time ran by so fast...

I'm lookin for the next time we meet....