Saturday, December 18, 2010

12/17 - A Bowmorish evening

Outside we've tons of snow, today was really crazy...

Chaos on the streets in the Northeast of Switzerland, here: Zurich area

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Trucks blocking the streets... snow chains are totally overrated

It's a good occasion to take something at home which warms you up from the inside....

I got some nice samples of Bowmore this week, so I'll try them tonite...

Get your samples in a row....

The first I have in the glass is this one: Bowmore The Ultimate, 28.03.2000 - 30.05.2007, cask 800064, 60.0 %

Nose: Peat, gunpowder, smoked bacon

Taste: Intensive smoke and peat aroma, ham, some wood, spices in the background

Aftertaste: Long and peaty.... warming....

Let´s go ahead with no. 2: Bowmore Old Train Line by JWWW, 04/1997 - 01/2008, 53.9 %

Nose: Coffee-vanilla-caramell fudge, some peat in the background, rum raisins, burnt rubber

Taste: very unique taste... herbal in the beginning, later peppery-peaty... decent note of lavender

Aftertaste: herbs and peat... very long...

This one is the winner of the evening for me....

Sample no. 3 is in the glass: Bowmore Signatory Unchillfiltered Collection, 15.06.1989 - 30.04.2002, cask 20935, 46.0 %

Nose: Coffee, peat, vanilla

Taste: Decent smoky aroma, salt, seaweed, vanilla, hints of lavender

Aftertaste: Smoke and vanilla


I hope no. 4 is a bit more full bodied, not so weak as the last one: Bowmore Cadenhead's Authenctic Collection, 02/1991 - 02/2006, Bourbon Hogshead, 56.1 %

Nose: Smell of the sea, salt, peat, vanilla

Taste: Earth, peat, some coffee, salt

Aftertaste: Peaty and maritim with a lot of salt

Coming to the penultimate sample, no. 5: Bowmore Castle Collection by JWWW, 1989 - 2004, cask 6126, 52.0 %

Nose: Smoked bacon, peat, black pepper, wet earth

Taste: Very clear.. another peat attack, smoke, grass, citrus

Aftertaste: Long and salty...

The last one of the really tasty set: Bowmore McNeill's Premium Line, 16 yo., 46.0 %

Nose: Peat, smoke, grass, spices... wow, what a nice smell!

Taste: Sweet peat, hints of lavender (but not unpleasant), full bodied, bacon, vanilla

Aftertaste: Sweetness of vanilla and a lot of smoke....

A very nice selection, I´m happy that I took that package... I've to keep my eyes open for the Old Train Line, which was really special and rocked da house....